Glazen Tulp award 2021-2022

We are grateful and proud that our selection Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Red Dream®’ got second place at the Glazen Tulp Award 2021-2022. 



Jan Star of BD FLowers is a breeder of Sanguisorba. He breeds his variety Red Dream® himself in the Netherlands, which currently makes it available several months a year. Through the cooperation with Marginpar, this variety will soon be available year round from our flower fields in Ethiopia and Kenya. 


Two years ago Jan came into contact with Marginpar. A familiar name to him, from his past as quality controller at a flower wholesaler. Jan: “Marginpar was already well-known for the quality of its flowers”. However, he was a little sceptical in the beginning. It is still your ‘baby’ that you hand over to another company. And won’t someone else continue to breed with it? Jan: “I first asked around, and I heard good stories from other affiliated breeders. At Marginpar, agreements and contracts remain intact. That provides trust. So I took the step and went to talk to them.” And we at Marginpar are still happy about that. After that first conversation, Sanguisorba entered Marginpar in a spurt. The Research & Development team keeps in close contact with Jan during those two years. First, extensive testing takes place: at which location, in which climate, does the Sanguisorba feel most at home? Jan: “I had hoped that the Sanguisorba would do well in Africa, but of course it remains a trial and error process. Both parties soon saw potential and started planting more plant material. 


What makes a Sanguisorba a good Sanguisorba? Jan: “Quality is priority number one. And that is also something that Marginpar feels strongly about. You also look at distinctiveness, uniformity, sturdiness, colour, shelf life, disease resistance and, in connection with branching, also the workability. You do not want the branches to all ‘stick’ together. The special thing about the stately Sanguisorba Red Dream® is, in addition to the above points, that this variety is very airy, as Jan himself enthusiastically describes it. The lateral spikes seek out space and have long stems. 


Jan’s enthusiasm seeps through in everything he says. Jan: “I started Sanguisorba as a hobby, after I left the family business in 2012. By 2017, the hobby had grown to such an extent that I started full time for myself. I am always looking for something special. If I’m walking in the fields to harvest, and I see something unusual, I’ll drop my knife and go get a marker string. With those special finds, you can breed further.” And that is paying off. The long stems of Sanguisorba Red Dream® also caught the eye at Royal FloraHolland. The Sanguisorba Red Dream® is one of the Glass Tulip Award finalists for 2022. 


Just before Christmas we expect the first harvest from the flower fields in Ethiopia to arrive at Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Delivered at 10 stems per bunch, with a stem length of 90cm.