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Welcome to the website of BD Flowers by Jan Star!

For more than twenty years, Jan Star has been a flower grower with passion. To develop his knowledge of the entire flower market, Jan has worked past the boundaries of the nursery for a few years. During which, he worked for multiple firms and made various aspects of the industry his own.

Since January 2018, Jan has combined the newly gained knowledge and old passion into his new nursery, which he named BD Flowers in 2019. With BD standing for Blessed Dream, the brand name mirrors our views on the profession. The expression tells enough: rooted in passion, we genuinely experience working with flowers as a blessed dream. ‘Dream’ also refers to Jan’s own selections of cut flowers, most of which bear ‘dream’ in the name. A prime example is the Sanquisorba officinalis’ Big Dream®’, prizewinner at the National Summer Flower Exhibition of 2018.

Jan is not afraid of change. By keeping in touch with traders and florists, he keeps sharp of what the market demands, resulting in a better and more market-driven production.

BD Flowers is on its way to environmentally friendly and sustainable cultivation. To accomplish these goals, we select plants for low disease susceptibility, scarcely use pesticides, GLOBALG.A.P. IDA certified and planted a green strip at our nursery.


BD Flowers is specialized in summer flowers. The focus lies on the Great Burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis). Our nursery is home to more than ten varieties of this plant, each with a unique set of features like flowering period, height and color. Apart from the Burnet, we grow several other flowers, which we sell either at Royal Flora Holland or directly to the customer. All are uniformly selected to size and weight.

In 2022 our assortment  will consist of the following flowers:

take a look!

Every day again, Jan is stunned by nature’s growth and flowering powers. Seeds and roots grow into new fully-fledged plants. We do not want to keep this beauty to ourselves but share it with you through the following pictures, which we regularly renew. Enjoy the fantastic work of nature all year long!

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