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Welcome on the website of BD Flowers by Jan Star!

For over twenty years Jan Star has been a floriculturist with passion. To expend his knowledge Jan has worked in the flower trade for some years. During this periode he worked for different companies and made the different aspects of the industry his own.

Since january 2018 Jan combines the newly acquired knowledge and old passion into his new nursery, for which in 2019 the name B.D. Flowers was chosen. The B and D in the brandname reflects how Jan views the job. B.D. stands for Blessed Dream. It says enough: to work with passion for flowers truely is a blessed dream for Jan. Furthermore, Dream refers to Jan’s own selection of cut flowers. All of which bear Dream in the name. A prime example of this is the in 2018 introduced Sanquisorba officinalis ‘Big Dream®’ that won a prize at the National Summer Flower Exhibition of 2018.

Jan is not afraid of change. By keeping in touch with traders and florists, he makes sure to stay sharp of what the market demands. Resulting in a better and more market-driven production.

At BD Flowers we are one our way to an environmental friendly and more sustainable cultivation. We accomplish these goals by selecting plants with a low disease susceptibility and doing all weeding by hand. Allowing us not to use pesticides.


BD Flowers is specialized in special summer flowers. The emphasis is the burnet (sanquisorba officinalis). More than ten varieties of this plant can be found at our nursery, each with a unique set of features like flowering period, height and colour. Apart from the burnet we produce other flowers for sale. Obtainable in different sizes and weight, all sorted uniformly.

In 2021 our assortment exists of these species during the following months:

take a look!

Growth and flowering, still Jan is stunned by the life-giving powers of nature every day again. Seeds and roots grow into new fully-fledged plants. We do not want to keep this beauty for our selves. In order to share the growth of our flowers we renew every now and then the following pictures. Enjoy the amazing work of nature all year long.

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